4978 Hwy 70 E
White Bluff, TN 37187

Sno-Kone Machine Instructions

  1. Setup machine on a secure table top.
  2. Plug in power cord.
  3. Fill the hopper to within an inch of the top with ice cubes.
  4. Switch the motor on. Wait for the motor to come to full speed (a minute or so).
  5. Push the pusher handle down against the ice in the hopper. Apply firm and even pressure to make the best snow.
  6. Once ice has been shaved and has collected in the bottom compartment use a scoop to fill cones.
  7. Apply any flavored syrups as desired.

CAUTION: Never put any object into the sno-kone machine body while the motor is running. Serious damage can occur to any body parts or objects that are placed inside the sno-kone machine hopper.

** You will get your $25 security deposit back as long as the sno-kone machine is returned clean with all of the supplies it was sent with. This includes both doors, scoop, drain tube and kone holder. **