4978 Hwy 70 E
White Bluff, TN 37187

Frozen Drink Machine Instructions
* Machine must be transported standing up*
On the right side of the machine are the following switches and controls.
Main Power Switch -
"0" position: Off position. Power is turned off to all functions.
"I" position: On position. Machine has power.
Display Light -
"0" position: Lights are off.
"I" position: Lights are on. Display lights have power.
Agitator Switch -
"0" position: Agitator is off.
"I" position: Agitator is on.
Cooler Switch:
"0" position: Off position.
"I" position: Cool drink mode.
"II" position: Frozen mode.
Compressor green light - If the compressor green light is on, the compressor should be working.

  1. Fill the mix tank with the desired liquid product (3 gallons max). Do not overfill the tank. NOTE: When ready, slush occupies more volume than the liquid.
  2. To operate, press main power switch and agitator switch to ON position. Agitator switch must be on before choosing cool or slush mode.
  3. For slush- press the cooler switch to bottom position "II".
    For liquid - press the cooler switch to up position "I".
  4. To illuminate the mix tank cover display on top of the unit and the product in the bowl press the display light awitch to down position "I".
  5. To adjust the density/consistency of the slush there is an adjustment knob at the rear, right corner of the dispenser.
    1. Turn the knob right or left, the consistency indicator will go up or down.
    2. To firm up the product, turn the set knob counter clockwise, which will move the indicator down to a higher number position.
    3. To soften / warm up the product, turn the set knob clockwise, which will move the indicator up to a lower number postion.