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Housewares Department

A clean & organized home is a happy home. And Pembroke Hardware can help. If you want to store it, clean it, cook it, bake it, or even add some decor to it, we have it all. Join the masons to preserve your harvest. Or use the jars for a myriad of craft projects. We also have freezing supplies. Pots and pans to cook up a meal. Cookie sheets, muffin tips or baking dishes for dessert. Plus measuring cups & bowls.Don't let a bite of your delicious meal go to waste. After the feast comes the cleanup. We'll help with dish drainers, pans, sponges and soap. From floor to ceiling, bathroom to kitchen, we have everything you need to get it squeaky clean. We also carry the best selling commercial cleaning brand Zep, a favorite of all our customers, for both commercial and home cleaning! Keep your house spotless with mops and buckets. Brooms and brushes. Squeegees and scrubbers. On a worksite or in the kitchen - the right tools matter. Find storage pieces in all shapes and sizes. Plus kitchen organizers. Get ready for guests with tables & chairs. Change your outlook with curtains, blinds & rods. We carry many of your favorite brands, including KitchenAid, NordicWare, Oxo & Quickie! Indoors and out, keep trash where it belongs. Find cans and bags -- for recycling, too. And we're here to help keep uninvited guests out of your home too. Kill and deter all types of flying or crawling bugs and rodents with our assortment of sprays, traps, baits & foggers. For over 50 years founder Mrs. Catherine Locklear carefully selected only the best for her housewares department - and helped her customers and friends care for their families and homes. And we're continuing the tradition today. Stop by & let us help you make your home a happy one!