Number of Locations: 2

We offer a wide selection of Nutrena Animal Feeds

(Note: Feeds marked with * are available regularly only at our Marcellus location, but may be delivered to Tully Lakes Hardware upon request. Talk to a sales associate for more information)


Nutrena Horse Feeds

Safe Choice


Triumph Complete*
Triumph 10-10%*
Triumph 12 Sweet Feed*

Stock and Stable
Stock & Stable - Pellet
Stock & Stable- Sweet

We also offer speciality forage, including Alfalfa Hay Cubes (50lb Bags) and Bio-Cube Alfalfa/Timothy*
Whole Oats*
Crimped Oats*


Nutrena Poultry Feeds

CountryFeeds Poultry Feeds
Country Feeds Layer Crumbles 16
Country Feeds Layer Pellets 16
Country Feeds Chick Starter/Grower 18
Country Feeds Scratch Grains

NatureWise Poultry Feeds
NatureWise Gamebird Starter Crumbles 27
NatureWise Gamebird Grower Pellets 20

NatureSmart Organic Feeds

NatureWise Cracked Corn
NatureWise Whole Cleaned Corn
Gamebird Starter/Grower
Gamebird Finisher


cows 2

Nutrena Dairy & Livestock Feed

Snowflakes 20-20 Milk Replacer*
DairyWay Calf Starter *
DairyWay Grower 16*
DF Grower 18*

All Stock 12% Pellet*
All Stock 12% Sweet*

NatureWise Lamb & Sheep 18
NatureWise Goat 17

Pig Starter/Grower & Finisher

Alpaca/Llama Feed

Beet Bulp Shred With Molasses*
Whole Oats*
Crimped Oats*

NatureWise Premium Rabbit Pellets