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Jasper, IN 47546

Nature's Reflection® Softscape™ is a revolutionary new soft mulch that will enhance the beauty of your home and give your landscape that professional and finished look.

Made only from virgin forest products free from contaminates, Softscape™ beautifies any landscaping project with its unique, soft texture.

Softscape™ has been color enhanced by a proprietary process using Nature's Reflection® environmentally safe colorant that enables Softscape™ to retain its color for a full two years.

Unlike other mulches that compact and smother plant roots from water and nutrients, Softscape™ allows water and air to penetrate the soil of your flowerbeds and landscaping projects.

We think you'll agree that Softscape™ is unlike any other mulch you've ever used before. Make this year a Softscape™ year!

$6.50 per bag (2 cu. ft.)
$6.25 per bag (2 cu. ft.) with purchase of one pallet (105) 




Sienna Red