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Instructions for Popcorn Machine Operation

  • Light and warmer switch: Turns on heat to bottom corn pan and light.
  • Kettle motor switch: Turns on motor, which drives kettle agitator shaft.
  • Kettle heat switch: Turns on heat element.
  1. Turn kettle heat and kettle motor switch 'on'. allow 7-10 minutes for kettle to warm.
  2. Pour 6 ounces of prepared kernels into kettle.
  3. When corn has finished popping dump kettle.
  4. Repeat stepd 2 and 3 again. There is no need to warm kettle after first time.
  5. Once you have made enough popcorn to fill bottom compartment, turn motor switch and heat switch off. Turn on light and warmer switch to keep popcorn warm.
  6. CAUTION: Do not touch the kettle while on, it is hot and can cause serious burns.
  7. Leaving popcorn in kettle too long can cause popcorn to burn.
  8. If a batch of popcorn has been burned, you must first clean the inside of the kettle before preparing another batch.