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Please take the time to read this safety information. It will cover any and all topics related to Just Ask Rental Inflatable products from setup specifications to safety during operation. If you find a topic that is not covered or feel should be addressed please notify us at 615-797-3111 or email us at wbbsrental@gmail.com.

Inflatable specifications:
-Every inflatable has at least one inflation tube that is attached to a motor/blower; all other inflation tubes need to be securely fastened so air doesn't escape.
-Every inflatable has at least four anchoring points; some slides or larger inflatables will have at least two or more to secure it from tipping over.
-Every inflatable has a safety plaque that needs to be read and followed by attendants and users.
-Some inflatables have velcro and zippers, these need to be closed and fastened at all times.

Setup locations:
-Setup can be on grass, concrete/asphalt, hardwood floor, and sand; setup cannot be on mud/dirt, rocks, any sharp objects, water or a pool.
-Maximum allowed inclne or decline for setup location is five degrees.  
-Setup location must be cleared of any and all objects.

-Motor/blower needs to be on at all times.
-If motor/blower turns off the inflatable will lose air and collapse.
-If there are any leaves or debris blocking the air suction at the blower.
-If inflation tube is not securely tightened to the blower.
-Using extension cords over 100 feet long.

Electricity Requirements
-Electricity outlets need to be available near setup location or a generator is required.
-Electricity outlets being used should be able to hold 7-15 amps and 115 volt power.
        -Generator - should be at least 4,000 watt rated power.
-If there are other appliances being used on the same electricity outlet or breaker.
-If gas in the generator runs out.
-If electrical cord has been taken out of the outlet.
-If motor/blower switch has been turned off.

Water Inflatables or Games
-Need to be setup near a water supply/water hose.
-Water slides being setup on concrete/asphalt might cause a hard landing in the pool. Customers wanting a cushion to be placed under pool should provide one during setup.
-During dunk tank use, no one should be standing in the path of the ball to the target.

Attendant Information
-A responsible adult MUST be attending/supervising inflatable and users at all times.
-Attendant MUST read and understand safety plaque and operation information.
-Attendant MUST be alert and pay attention to users at all times.
-Attendant MUST be standing in a position where he/she has clear view of riders.
-People using Just Ask Rental Inflatable Products should NEVER be left alone without an attendant.

Safety Rules
-DO NOT enter inflatable unless attendant is on duty! Follow attendant or operator instructions at all time.
-Remove all sharp and pointed objects before entering. Remove shoes, eyeglasses and jewelry.    
-No food, gum, drinks, pets or sprays inside unit. NO SILLY STRING!!!
-No tumbling, flipping, wrestling, chasing or piling on others. No rough play inside inflatable units.
-No unevenly matched users. ONLY adults with adults and children with children.
-Do not enter inflatables if you are pregnant or have any physical problems.
-Do not play near the entrance or exit. Do not jump against, climb or play near the sides or walls.
-If weather conditions get bad, or if the inflatable begins to deflate, stop playing, remain calm and carefully exit the inflatable. DO NOT use inflatables during inclement weather (rain, hale or when winds exceed 20mph).

Only one rider sliding at a time.
Correct sliding method is seated, feet in front of you. Do not slide head first.

Emergency Procedures
-If inflatable begins to deflate or collapse, REMAIN CALM and direct everyone outside of the inflatable as soon as possible.
-If someone is trapped inside of a collapsed inflatable you must REMAIN CALM, direct somoeone to re-inflate the product while helping the person out of the product at the same time.

I have read the above and agree to follow these setup and safety instructions.By my signature, I freely and voluntarily agree to follow these rules.
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