5425 Lake Michigan Dr
Allendale, MI 49401-9149

Rental Periods

Options for Day Rates Include:

    Minimum       – May vary based on type of equipment

½ Day Rate   – Any 4 hour period – 

    Day Rate   – Any Consecutive 24 hour period – 

Weekend Rentals –  

Friday after 4pm to Monday 8am – 2 day charge

8am Saturday to 8am Monday – 1 ½ days

After 4 pm Saturday to 8am Monday – 1 day


Options for Longer Rentals Include:

Weekly Rate
  – any consecutive 7 day period – Charge for 4 days

Monthly Rate – any consecutive 4 week period – Charge for 3 Weeks

Event Rental –  allow 1 day for delivery and 1 day for pickup – 3 day window

Delivery & Pickup

Options include:

  1. “We deliver anywhere” – From our store: 
      - 5 or less miles $50
      - 5-10 miles $60
      - 11-15 miles $70

2. Normal delivery may include delivery to curbside, drive way or patio.

  1. Deliveries may be scheduled between 9-4 Monday-Friday unless otherwise agreed upon with an Allendale True Value member.                                                                                                   


Options Include:

  1. Cash
  2. Check
  3. Charge to store account
  4. Visa
  5. MasterCard
  6. Discover
  7. American Express

Rental Deposits

All equipment needs to be returned clean and full of fuel or charge for cleaning or fuel will be added. 

Identification Requirements

Options Include:

1.       Ones piece of identification on all rental contracts. 

          a.       Driver’s license with picture ID and current address

2.      For charge accounts: Please have your Driver's license with picture ID handy in case you are not on the account.

Care of Equipment

Options Include:

  1. Renter is responsible for routine daily care and cleaning
  2. In case of loss or theft, renter is responsible for replacement cost of equipment
  3. If equipment is returned without cleaning, a minimum “clean-up” fee of $10 will be added.
  4. Customer is responsible for rental equipment in case of vehicular accident.
  5. Customer is responsible for securing equipment properly in vehicle or on trailer if used.

 Picking up Equipment

Options Include:

1.      Person using equipment is required to pick up the equipment and receive instruction on how to use.


2.      Customer is responsible for loading and unloading equipment. Assistance will be provided if required but customer is responsible for any damage that should occur to equipment or vehicle picking up equipment.