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Prefinished Wide Profile Flooring Shoe

The Pre Finished Wide Profile Floor Shoe aids in the positioning the nailer for nailing 9/16" - 3/4" hardwood flooring, allowing you to work faster and helps to prevent damage to prefinished floors. The Nailer Shoe moves the impact of the nailer to the tongue of the flooring, rather than the top edge above the tongue, which eliminates damage due to improper nailer placement and helps to prevent contact with the top edge of the floor. UV Prefinished floors are susceptible to damage from the contact of the nailer and a number of Wood Floor Manufacturers suggest the use of this type of accessory shoe. Designed to be used with the PNI 470 Portamatic-TL and 472 Portamatic-S. Simply remove the standard accessory shoe and replace with the Original Nailer Shoe. It's never been easier to install prefinished floors and with professional results! Ideal for the do-it-your-self person or the professional