65 Rolfe St.
Cranston, RI 02910

"Occasionally, all of us have plumbing projects that demand attention (sad, but true...). Most plumbing stores require you to know exactly what you need because you must talk to someone behind a counter (when they get to you). Our Plumbing Department has one of the few truly "do-it-yourself" displays, offering a large variety of plumbing supplies that you can see and touch, so that you can get just what you need".

"We stock a full line of faucets, fittings and repair parts, tubing, pipe, PVC parts and more. We don't care whether you call what you need a whoseewhatsit, a thingamajig or its official name - we'll help you get what you need! We like it when you bring in the old one and we can match it."


"Our Electrical Department is also user friendly for the 'do-it-yourselfer'. We have a complete inventory of electrical items, including wiring devices, wire & cable, lamp & light fixtures, light bulbs, smoke alarms, batteries, and fans & heaters. We are an AT&T Telephone Center and carry a good selection of telephone accessories. Our automotive supplies are also located here.

OK, I can't resist....take a look at the Key Department. Go to the middle of the store, then straight back, by the light bulbs through the Electrical Department."


" We have over 5,000 key blanks, from house keys to import/domestic car keys to skeleton keys (a few people still use them!). I cut an awful lot of keys, but we have five cutting machines, so keep bringing them in! We also re-key locks. Our selection of key blanks is so impressive that a certain home building supply superstore has been known to send its customers to us when it cannot match a key. So save yourself a trip and stop by DURFEE'S first!